Engine & Tranny Mounts

4 cylinder motor mount

There are 2 kinds of motor mount available for Fiero 4 cylinder. (I think this applies to all of them…) You can get them solid or liquid filled. The solid is a little less expensive but the liquid filled is better at isolating vibration. Of the two, I prefer the . . . → Read More: Engine & Tranny Mounts


The Ever Popular TH125

There are a bunch of things about the TH125c transmission that need to be kept in mind when working on it. This is a collection of the issues asked about in the forum. It’s by no means a complete list of things. It does however cover some obscure things needed by customizers.

Shift Problems

. . . → Read More: The Ever Popular TH125


Lockup Solenoid

The Fiero TCC (Transmission Solenoid Lockup)

by Chuck Kichline

http://www.kichline.com/chuck/fiero/TCC.htm 7/10/2008

I found out that there wasn’t a lot of information on automatic transmissions for the Fiero on the web, and even worse, both the Haynes and Clymer manuals are weak on diagnosis and had NO information on repair.  It became very important to . . . → Read More: Lockup Solenoid


3800 V6 Series II

3800 V6 Series II overall weight (to 392 lb). [edit] L67 Supercharged

A 3800 Series II L67 Supercharged engine in a 1998 Buick Regal GS.

The L67 is the supercharged version of the Series II L36 and appeared in 1996, one year after the normally-aspirated version. . . . → Read More: 3800 V6 Series II