87-88 4 Cylinder with Serpent Belt

While this article was originally written for Fiero 1987-88 L4, it applies to all vehicles with self tensioning serpent belt systems. WARNING: Do not assume that the belt listed in the catalog fits your engine! If the belt forces the tension assembly out of range you can and likely will break things. WARNING: NEVER . . . → Read More: 87-88 4 Cylinder with Serpent Belt


Ogre Does An Axle…

Since I had to replace the other one recently, I figured it was time to revisit this article. The Constant Velocity shafts in Fiero aren’t very difficult to work on but it certainly helps to know a few tricks.

Axle Nut

WARNING: The axle nut will need to be turned with a wrench for . . . → Read More: Ogre Does An Axle…


Lockup Solenoid

The Fiero TCC (Transmission Solenoid Lockup)

by Chuck Kichline

http://www.kichline.com/chuck/fiero/TCC.htm 7/10/2008

I found out that there wasn’t a lot of information on automatic transmissions for the Fiero on the web, and even worse, both the Haynes and Clymer manuals are weak on diagnosis and had NO information on repair.  It became very important to . . . → Read More: Lockup Solenoid