700 Series TBI

The TBI used for 87-88 Fiero 4 cylinder motors is the 700 series unit presently manufactured by Delphi Automotive for GM. You can find Delphi’s public relations info for the 700 TBI here. The information includes images and general specification data. The articles that we’re interested in at the moment are “Throttle Bodies – . . . → Read More: 700 Series TBI


Adding a Power Deck Lid Release

Here’s a small tip that I found out as I started upgrading the body on Terri’s new 86 Fiero Coupe. You don’t realize how much you miss a power deck lid release until you don’t have one. This is one of the easier upgrades you can do since GM takes the cheap way . . . → Read More: Adding a Power Deck Lid Release


What radiator/thermostat caps do I use? Why?

I broke this out of the coolant fill article hoping more people would be made aware of the Stant catalog error. Warning! There is an error in Stant listings, which means all catalogs listing Stant parts share the same error. The correct caps for Fiero are Stant part numbers 11230 or 10230 non-vented caps. . . . → Read More: What radiator/thermostat caps do I use? Why?


Bypass Electronic Transmission Controls

HOW-TO bypass the auto transmission controls in the 3800 PCM

I have gotten a couple of questions on how I was able to bypass the auto trans controls on a stock 3800 PCM in order to prevent early rev limiters and other drivability issues it had when I was not using an electronic automatic . . . → Read More: Bypass Electronic Transmission Controls


Cruisin’ right along…. Cruise Control

Note: If you have 87-88 L4, you can use an ECM Scanner to test the MFL. The DIS ECM will report all the switches operation except the brake pedal switch for the dump valve. Besides checking switch condition, the scanner will tell you if anything else in the switch wiring is bad.

Multi Function . . . → Read More: Cruisin’ right along…. Cruise Control


Wall Paper & Other


Good Times – True Type Font (6) – 16.65 KB

Hemi Head 426 – True Type Font (8) – 4 KB


. . . → Read More: Wall Paper & Other