Iron Duke Performance FAQ:

Here are some interesting incites into the Iron Duke’s performance potential.

by: Gary Ohst

>> I was hoping anyone could tell me what the difference is between the SD valve cover and the stock 2.5. Specifically is the bolt pattern the same and is there room for needle bearing rockers?<<

The bolt . . . → Read More: Iron Duke Performance FAQ:


My Ecotec I +800HP street use motor faze 04 – From

This is my faze4 project, the 04 motor i have made in 5 years of experience in ecotec gen I

I Will post more some and important Infos later in this topic… Sorry my ING please… Stock Cylinder preparing to mod and general Specs

Ported in superflow 1200 Flow Bench made

IN 294CFM at . . . → Read More: My Ecotec I +800HP street use motor faze 04 – From