Ogre Does An Axle…

Since I had to replace the other one recently, I figured it was time to revisit this article. The Constant Velocity shafts in Fiero aren’t very difficult to work on but it certainly helps to know a few tricks.

Axle Nut

WARNING: The axle nut will need to be turned with a wrench for . . . → Read More: Ogre Does An Axle…


Fiero Custom CV Axles OD Auto Transmissions

HOW-TO Build Custom CV Axles for Automatic OD Transmission Swaps

1984-88 Pontiac Fiero

Disclaimer and Notes:

The information provided here is for reference purposes only. The parts discussed here may or may not work for you depending on the placement of your engine/transmission package in the car. Engine/transmission placement is CRITICAL to axle lengths . . . → Read More: Fiero Custom CV Axles OD Auto Transmissions