The story of the car as I know it.

The 1st owner got the car new in 1986 and did not drive it very much. He had parked the car some 10 years before I got in a barn in western Oregon. When his son was old enough he get the car to him. It got broke in to and his son put an alarm system and a new $400 stereo system. Oh he also put new tires on the car. He took the car out racing it around and had not changed the old oil and spun a bearing in the motor. He then took the car to a shop and had them fix it. The shop got a used engine and sent it out to have it rebuilt. By the time the shop was done it was going to cost the son $2900 and he did not have the money, so he gave the shop the title to sell it. The shop had it for a couple of months with no takers, with it priced at $3000. So they started dropping the price and by the time I saw it on craigslist at $2300 they had only a couple tire kickers look at it. When I called I had to ask if the mileage was correct. It was and they did not understand why it had not sold.

So, paid the $2300 they were asking at the time but they had to put a new cat. Convert on. The AC need some work so I had them do that as well for a grand total of $2800. I knew that was a good price because I had a 86’ SE for a few years that I had restored all but paint and gave it to my son, but that another story. Anyway, I took it home and parked my garage until last spring 2008 and have been driving it as my daily driver (That’s only about 30 to 40 highway miles a day!)

I know I could right now get an easy $4000 out of the car in the shape that it’s in. But I’ve wanted a GT to play with even before I got my first SE. I know I should get a junkier GT to do what I want to do, but I could not pass this deal up and it drives like a new car and everything is clean to work on!


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