The project – Preface!

I have a number of things I will be doing to this car, from an engine swap, body work to changing the interior color. I plan on journaling this project from beginning to end, along with costs involved. I will first however layout a plan with cost est. projections and the time line I plan on having each area done.

Because of budget for both time and money, this will most likely be a 2 to 3 year project.

  • The money has to come from a yearly variable pay bonus that we may or may not get this year because of the economy and money that I make off of selling things and website revenues.
  • I do have a day job that comes first to this project and some times after a long day of working as a systems administrator all I feel like doing is letting my brain go numb blowing stuff up playing Call Of Duty 4 or whatever the newest first person shooter game that is out.

So, I hope to a good source of information for someone and not to bore anyone.


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