The Plan!

I will be adding items here to outline my plan for my project. I hope to be updating this soon and a lot.

My Fiero Project Plan!
Started: 6/21/2010
Brainstorm Area Notes:
I am going to keep the stock Red and Silver, but add textured semi-gloss black to all the vents.

One Idea I had is to be able to get more rubber on the road was to increase the length of the “A” arms. I’ve found a few places around that sell kits and or parts to do that for Lambo kit cats. I’m not going there, but I would like to have a wider stance that would also improve cornering. So to keep in legal I will need to get wide body fenders and to make them have that extra something I would add vents on the back of the fender by the front of the doors.

I have most all the parts I need just need to get busy and put them all together. I am going to do the headlight mod so they only need to come up about half way and change the type of light bulb that is used.
Driving Lights
I want to redesign the parking/driving lights to not be one in the same. I had an idea to use LEDs to make while or blue driving lights that would be place in the same place as the current Parking/Driving lights and still have the parking lights using more LEDs. The driving lights would turn on when ever the car was placed in drive when the ignition was in the on position. You would be able to over ride that with a light switch on the dash.
Add vents to the hood to help stop air build up under the hood.
Same goes for the back fenders as for the front. The difference is that the vents would be on the front side with duct work to point the in coming air in to the engine compartment. I am looking at adding 3″ to each side for just the “A” arms and then add another inch or so for fatter tires. It’s about 6″ to 10″ added width to the car.

Also I would be adding some scoops to the where the current tinted panels are now. Not sure where I saw them, but I know some one was selling these that were also a tinted Plexiglas.

Tail Lights
All the Tail Light including the center stop light changed out for LEDs. But I want if I can to keep the stock Pontiac tail lights.
Gonna make it simple here Lambo doors, LED marker lights
Gonna make it simple here Lambo doors, LED marker lights
If I can find everything I need to do the conversion, I am going to change it from a sunroof top to a T-top. I would go to a Targa top but then I would have to do work to the under carriage to strengthen it. But before I do this I will complete the engine, tranny and drive train mods. That way I can see what kind of body torque problems I may have with a larger HP motor.
Front Trunk
Right now the battery has been moved up here under the old spare tire.

I think I want to add a small fuel cell up here, so on long trip if I am not close to a gas station I have a reserve. I have recently ran it out of gas at only a little over 150 miles. I hope to see better mileage when I get a new tranny and engine. But I would still like to know if I run out of gas I have a reserve just in case.

I am going to remove the old spare tire. it will not do any good when I add the brake mod to the car and I am running 17″ wheels now any way.

Because this area has a good seal and even after driving for a year I can open it and there is hardy any dust or dirt in there. I am planning to add an on board computer, in addition to the ECM. I will get more in to that in the interior section.

Rear Trunk As of now I am not doing anything here just making sure it does not leak.
This is simple Corvette brake mod
This is simple Corvette brake mod
As mentioned before I am going wider. SO I will do it the correct way and get new 3 inch wider “A” arms. I will also be replacing the front sway bar with a little fatter one. Of coarse I will need to put some good shock.

No I am not lowering it!

As mentioned before I am going wider. So I will do it the correct way and get new 3 inch wider “A” arms. I will be taking the sway bar from the front and adding one back here as well.

I may have to lower the back about an inch. As of now the rear of the car is higher than the front by about an inch. Before I do that I’ll wait and see how it looks with the new suspension. It may take care of it self.

I have decided on a 4.3L V6. I can get the horse power that I want out it and still have some room in the engine compartment. Plus I can use V8Archies V8 kits to do the car justice.
I will build the 4.3 to put out around 300 to 350 HP without being supercharge or turbo’ed. I think that’s respectable out put for a 2600+/- pound car.

As I find out more details as to what I can do to it I will update The Plan and Budget.

I know I want to stay with a automatic, but I am not sure yet if I will use a 4T60HD or the 4T65HDe. I want to add paddle shifters and setup torque lock to be engaged depending on if I am using the paddles to shift or letting the ECM do the shifting.

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