I will be updating this area as I get prices for items from my plan.

It’s taken some time, but I am going to finally get started working on my project. I’ll be doing the Beretta brake upgrade soon, I have all the parts ordered and have received some of them. Just waiting for the rotors, pads and calipers from BrakePerformance.com to get here. Their prices are good, but it’s has taken a month and they told me on 4/29, they should be shipping on 5/2. We’ll see? I knew it would take longer, because I ordered the calipers with powder coasting.


I have also ordered and received the new set of rear 12″ 350# springs and coil-over 7″ kit to do adjustable coil-overs, so I can lower the rear and make the car level, from Speedwaymotors.com. I thought they were priced well. I am using this mod, click here. It did not look to hard to do. I did not want to get chrome springs, but they were $10 each cheaper than any of the others I found.

I will try and detail these mods with lots of pictures. So you can see my mistakes and not make them if you try these mods.


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