Automatic Shift Knob Swaps


Here’s the Camaro knob in a Fiero.

Edit – Actually, this one is covered with leather. I’m not sure what it came from but it’s shaped exactly like the Camaro knob.


To remove the knob, take a small screwdriver or the tip of a knife blade, and pry the C-clip out from the front. It looks like a long wire staple, and goes straight in to the front of the knob, down towards the bottom. Then pull the knob straight up.


Here’s a leather wrapped Corvette auto shifter (pictured without button). It looks like a nice size and shape.


84 Corvette dark-grey leather wrapped shifter and shortened the steel shaft by 1-inch. The knob matches the dark-grey of the interior. I got a new soft-leather shift boot from Dickman.




5 minutes and a hacksaw…and we have 100% improvement.

Take 1 1/2″ off of the shift rod. You could go probably another 1/2″ to 3/4″.




You could actually do this mod using the factory shift knob,or one like the Camaro knob…but it would take a little more work.
What you would have to do,after cutting off the shaft…is use a dremel or other cutting tool…to notch the rod back like it was originally.

Again…this wouldn’t be that hard…just a little more time consuming.
Even though this shift knob uses a ring held in place by set screws to hold it in place instead of the c-clip…I may go ahead and notch mine just in case I ever want to go back with a factory style or Camaro style knob.

Here’s the piece I cut off to show what you would have to duplicate. Mod1.jpg


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