1985-1988 Delay Wiper Board Rebuild Kit

Repairs many common Fiero wiper problems. Erratic or non existent delay action, phantom wipes, 3 wipes per wash cycle irregularities.

Phantom wipes are caused by wear in the switch assembly in the steering column. If the wear is too great this kit may not stop all the phantom wipes. The only cure will be to replace the wiper switch which not an easy job. Considering the cost and effort required to replace the wiper switch in the column it is best to first replace the capacitors on the delay board to see if that eliminates the phantom wipe problem. In most cases it will certainly eliminate a large percentage of the phantom wipes.

There are generally only 2 delay wiper boards used on the 1985-1988 Pontiac Fiero. Board number: 22048550 and board number: 22062692/22062693. If you have a delay wiper board that is not one of these listed it may not have the required parts included. Please email me for more info if you find a board with a different number other than the two listed above. This kit contains enough parts to rebuild one or the other. Some parts will not be used. Includes a length of .032″ 60/40 solder which is preferred for circuit board repairs. A pencil soldering iron is required. A soldering gun is too hot and large for this type of soldering.

There are two major problems that affect tthe Fiero wiper / washer systems. One is the dried-up capacitors on the pulse board and your rebuild kit deals with that very effectively.

The other problem is that there was a run of bad windshield wiper switches. They were installed in 85 and 86 Fiero’s with tilt wheels and delay wipers; these switches are very failure prone – symptoms are phantom wipes, wipers turning themselves on, can’t turn the wipers off, etc.

The cure for these bad wiper switches is to replace them with the wiper switch for ’87 or ’88 Fiero’s. That switch is mechanically and electrically compatible – it’s a drop-in replacement. They’re also less expensive than the early version switch (go figure). This will solve the problem and prevent it from returning. This is the switch this is in the steering column under the steering wheel, not the cruise/turn signal stalk.


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