Fiero Power Window Express Down Mod

SEE “Fiero Power Window Express Down Mod Correction. ***” BEFORE STARTING

A little information about the module used for this mod:

To the best of my knowledge and experience in the junkyard, these modules were only used in generation 2 Taurus/Sable and Explorer vehicles. They can be found inside the driver door skin, mounted underneath the armrest support. The Ford part number for the module is: F2DB-14B118-AB. I have heard that the dealer price for these modules is around $50, but if you grab a handful of them and tell the junkyard guy that they’re just window relays, you’ll get better treatment. If you’re cutting it out of a junkyard car, of course you want to get as much of the harness wiring as possible.
And now for the installation information:

There are five wires coming off of the express down module. They are as follows:

  1. Motor side of down wire (red)
  2. Switch side of down wire (white/black)
  3. - +12V (blue/black)
  4. Up wire (yellow)
  5. Ground (black)

If you remove the module from the harness connector, you will be able to see the numbers stamped into the plastic.

For the switch to which you want to connect the module, use a meter or test light to identify:

  • Keyed +12V wire
  • Ground wire
  • The wire that goes to +12V when you press up
  • The wire that goes to +12V when you press down

Here are the connections that must now be made:

Use an inline spice to connect module #3 to the keyed +12V source.

Use an inline splice to connect module #4 to the up wire.

Use an inline splice to connect module #5 to the ground.

Cut the down wire, leaving you enough room to butt splice each end. Connect module #1 to the electric motor side of this wire. Connect module #2 to the switch side of this wire.

At this point, all of the electrical connections have been made. All that is left to you is to reassemble everything and fasten the module so that it doesn’t rattle.

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