Adapter Plate and Flywheel Modification

Adapter Plate with the 1/4″ Aluminum blocks to move plate away from the block. The studs on the back side are what the transmission mounts onto. The plate is not 100% complete because the hole for the Half-Shaft still has to be drilled and the bolts around it are what will compensate for the 6th transmission mounting stud that I had to omit for the sake of structural integrity of the plate due to a conflict with a bolt-hole going the other way.


The Flywheel modified with a 1″ aluminum spacer that incorporates the 6 studs required to mount the clutch onto. The friction surface was modified to fit standard chamfer bolts because the ones that came with the flywheel had to be replaced with the newer longer ones to be able to mount the 1″ spacer ring.



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