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This guide was made for everyone who owns an ECOTEC motor who wants to know what is available and where to get these parts. I included the part #s on most of the parts I listed below. This guide touches on every topic that is, from Bolt ons to Nitrous to Turbochargers. For some of the parts I list links for where they can get the info on how to install certain parts.

Keep in mind that prices may change without notice and may be different than the prices I found for this thread.


Exhaust: You can pretty much get it custom made if you want or order it from any company. If you want to go 2 1/4″, Magnaflow or Borla is what I suggest. If you decide that you want to go 2 1/2″ piping, you need to get it custom bent. I would highly suggest mandrel bends or compression bends. If you plan on boosting, depending on how much PSI you plan on running 2.5″ or 3″ would be suitable and of course would have to be custom made. If you decide to stay all motor, 2 1/4″ piping is usually suggested.

Catalytic Converters, suggested is Magnaflow Cats matching whatever size piping you decide to get. You can either order it online or go to your nearest performance shop. Shop online and you can find them all over the place.

Magnaflow Catalytic Converter – Turbo Tech Racing – $74
Magnaflow Catalytic Converter – Cobalt Performance Parts – $60

As far as header, you can order them from either Weapon-R, RK Sport, Pacesetter that have nice setups for our motors. Granted all the ECOTEC motors share the same geometry as far as the exhaust side of the cylinder head, there might be fitment issues between the platforms.

02-05 ECOTEC J-Bodies (Cavaliers/Sunfires):

Car Customs/RK Sport 4-2-1 Header (Ceramic Coated) – P/N #RK-020910026 – Price $450.00 Free Shipping
Pacesetter 4-1 Header (Ceramic Coated) – P/N #72C1279 – Price N/A
RSM Racing 4-1 Header – Contact for Part # & Price

03+ Deltas (Ion/Cobalt/HHR):

2.2/2.4/2.0 Cobalt Addictions Header – Price $199
2.2/2.0 Painted Black Header from Pacesetter – Turbo Tech Racing – Price $139-144
2.2/2.0 Polished Armor Coated from Pacesetter – Turbo Tech Racing – Price $224-239

This might help you install your Header: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…&arch=1#276502

Intake: You can pretty much get this anywhere.

02-05 ECOTEC Jbodies (Cavaliers/Sunfires)

K & N Typhoon Intake – Team Vision Racing – $179
AEM Cold Air Intake – Team Vision Racing – $205
Fujita Intake – SMG Motoring – Call for Price
RK Sport Intake – Car Customs – $189

03+ Deltas (Cobalts/Ions/HHR)

2.2/2.4/2.0 AEM Cold Air Intake – Cobalt Addictions – Price $229-249
2.0 Fujita Intake – SMG Motoring – Price $331
2.2/2.4 Injen Intake – Cobalt Performance Parts – Price $232
2.2/2.4 AEM Intake – Cobalt Performance Parts – Price $230
2.0 Injen Intake – Cobalt Performance Parts – Price $223
2.0 AEM Intake – Cobalt Performance Parts – Price $175

Throttle Body: Right now there are 2 places that offer an bigger throttle body for Jbodies cars. They are RSM Racing & Reveco (I believe Reveco is ebay based). These throttle bodies are stock throttle bodies that were bored out to 62 MM and fitted with a bigger plate.

Before you decide to buy an Throttle Body, make sure you understand the change in intake velocity this will make and if this is the type of change/effect you’re looking for.

RSM Racing 62 MM TB – P/N: 62TB4GJ22-1106 – Price: N/A

This thread should help you install your TB: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…=313550#313550

Motor Mounts: Keeps the engine still and from jumping around in the engine bay. May help with response. Unlike the 2.2 OHV motors and 2.4s, we have available an actual full replacement Upper Motor Mount instead of an Motor Mount Insert for the ECOTEC Jbodies.

02-05 ECOTEC Jbodies (Cavalier/Sunfires)

Car Customs/RK Sport Upper Motor Mount – P/N: #RK-02031010 – Price $118.70 Free Shipping
Car Customs/RK Sport Lower Motor Mount – P/N: #RK-02035447 – Price $50.00 Free Shipping

03+ Deltas (Cobalts/Ions/HHRs)

ZZP Poly Engine Mounts – Cobalt Addictions – Price $199

Upper Motor Mount Install Instructions
Lower Motor Mount Install Instructions

Crank Pulley: You have the option of getting a couple quality pulleys. There is the underdrive pulley from RK Sport and stock sized pulley by RSM Racing. The underdrive pulley reduces power being sent to another accessories by being smaller but it is nothing major unless you have a high powered stereo system or anything else that might drain your battery. The stock pulley will not effect your accessories. I personally have the RK Sport Underdrive pulley and noticed faster reving. You can purchase the belt for the underdrive pulley at any car parts store near you, call RK Sport for the belt part #. The RSM pulley doesn’t require a new belt, stock fits properly.

Car Customs/RK Sport ECOTEC Underdrive Crank Pulley – P/N #RK-020984098 – Price $144.95 Free Shipping
RMS Racing Lightened Billet Aluminum Crank Pulley – P/N #CP4GJ22E – Price N/A

This thread would help you on how to install the Crank Pulley: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…&arch=1#278951

Intake Manifold: Currently there is only one company really producing an intake manifold for the ECOTECs, which is Venom. It’s new in production and because of that, it’s very expensive (around $900-1100 I believe). If you do not think it is worth it, there is a post you can read on dremeling your stock one: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…=297315#297315

For boosted applications, you can try and utilize the Saab 9-3 Manifolds. Go to your local Saab dealership and ask for the Intake Manifold and gasket off a 2003-2006 Saab 9-3 2.0 ECOTEC Turbo Motor (you can tell them the H.O. model)

Directauto.com/Venom Performance Intake Manifold – P/N #M45-361 – Price $1,039.99


Camshafts: Camshafts are a critical part of your engine and gaining power as far as performance. Choose the appropriate camshafts for your desired powerband.

If you decide you don’t want to purchase a pre-made set and want to get your own camshaft made OR you don’t want to send in your stock camshafts, you can buy blank camshafts from GM Performance Parts.

Jbody Performance Stage 1 – 3 2.2 ECOTEC Camshafts
Jbody Performance Tri-Flow 2.0 Supercharged Camshafts
Jbody Performance Tri-Flow 2.4 VVT
Crane ECOTEC Camshaft Specs (2.2 ECOTEC) – Call for Prices
Comp Camshafts (2.2/2.0 ECOTECs), 3 set of N/A camshafts, 1 Turbo Camshaft, 1 Supercharger Camshaft
Jbody Performance Stage 1 & 2 Camshafts (2.2 ECOTEC) – P/N: JP0288 – $559.20 US
Howell Automotive/Crane Cams Camshafts (2.2 ECOTEC) – P/N: Reg03991 – $449.95
ECOTEC Intake Camshaft Blank – P/N: 88958611 – $77.43
ECOTEC Exhaust Camshaft Blank – P/N: 88958612 – $77.43

How to install Camshafts on your ECOTEC – http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=258

Port & Polish Head Packages:

There are basically 4 companies that you can get these from, Patriot Performance, GM Performance Parts, Jbody Performance and RSM Racing. They offer the springs, retainers and port and polish the cylinder to a nice amount to give your motor a nice breathing path. If you want different valves, those are usually extra and you’d have to get a price on those. I personally have the Patriot Performance head and noticed MUCH faster reving and top end power. I would also suggest getting a fuel tuning after this is installed to make sure you are running the right fuel amount.

You can also consider a full Race Head package available by Jbody Performance. Their package includes a 5 Angle valve job, titanium or stainless steel valves, HD custom valve springs, all new seals, with computerized flow bench data sheet, cam gears and even Pistons. Read can read more info at their page http://www.jbodyperformance.com/new/…catName=JP0302

Patriot-Performance Stage I Head (Assy) – P/N: 2039 – Price $1,095.00
Patriot-Performance Stage II Head (Assy) – P/N: 2042 – Price $1,295.00
GM Performance Parts Ecotec High Performance CNC Ported Head – P/N: 88958619 – $1,334.38
RSM Racing Ported Head – P/N: PH22EJS3-0304 – Price N/A
Jbody Performance Race Head Package – P/N: JBP0302 – Price $2,519.28

Head Gasket: You can purchase an ECOTEC Multi-Layer steel head gasket from Cometic and you can get the copper head gasket from GM Performance Parts.

GM Performance Parts ECOTEC Copper Head Gasket – P/N: 88958614 – Price $218.83
Cometic MLS Head Gasket (87 MM Bore) – P/N: C5768-040 / (89 MM Bore) – P/N: C5804-040 / (92 MM Bore) – P/N: C5805-040 – Price $79 at http://www.importperformanceparts.ne…icgaskets.html
Cobalt Performance Parts/Cometic Multi-Layer Steel Headgasket (2.2) – Price $79.99

Head Studs: If your building your motor to handle horsepower, adding stronger headstuds is a must and semi-inexpensive part to add for insurance. ARP is highly suggested and is a repuatable company.

Car Customs/ARP Stud Kit – P/N CC-0054 – Price $139.95
Cobalt Performance Parts/ARP Stud Kit – Price $130.99

Pistons: There are various places you can get Pistons depending on what you want done. You can purchase these from Wiseco, JE Pistons and GM Performance Parts (these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head). Wiseco & JE Pistons makes different compression pistons, from 9:1 to 10:1 compression. If you are running all motor, I would suggest upping it to about 10.5:1 or even 11:1 compression but that is simply up to you.

GM also offer a Set of Race Pistons. Those pistons are only to work with their Race Rods and I believe their Crankshaft. GM also offers a set of LSJ Pistons (9.5:1 compression) which are the pistons from the Cobalt SS Supercharged/Redline 2.0 motors. They are rated higher than the 2.2 Pistons (I believe rated at 300+). Most of these packages come with Piston rings included but follow up to make sure they do.

Jbody Performance/Wiseco Pistons – P/N: JP0243 – Price $596 US
Car Customs/Wiseco Pistons 10:1 CR .20 Overbore & Stock Bore – P/N: WIS-K582M865 / 8.9:1 CR .20 Overbore – P/N WIS-K583M865 / 8:9.1 CR Stock Bore – P/N: WIS-K583M86 – Price $475 Free Shipping
GM Performance Parts Ecotec High Performance Piston, Ring, and Pin Set – P/N: 88958634 – Price $799.00
GM Performance Parts Ecotec Racing Piston and Pin Set – P/N: 88958635 – Price $789.00
Contact JE for their Part #s & Prices
LSJ Pistons – P/N: 12590988 – Price N/A

Rods: You can purchase these rods from Eagle, Crower or 2 sets from GM Performance, either the LSJ Rods or GM’s Full Race Rods. They are all rated at different power amounts, contact them before you decide what you want to find out their ratings.

LSJ Connecting Rods – P/N: 12755162 – Price N/A
GM Performance Parts Ecotec Billet connecting Rod Set – P/N: 88958618 – $1,250.00
Eagle ECOTEC Rods – P/N: CRS5765C3D – $400.00
Car Customs/Eagle Forged H-Beam ECOTEC Rods (2.2) – P/N: EG-CRS5765C3 – Price $350.00 Free Shipping
Cobalt Performance Parts/Crower Chromoly Steel Billet H-Beams ECOTEC Rods (2.2) – $699

Crankshaft: The stock ECOTEC crankshaft has been tested to handle power amounts up to 600 HP. If you really want to swap your stock one out, you have the option of 2 crankshafts…Eagle’s Forged Crankshaft or GM Performance’s De-stroked Crank shaft.

Eagle Forged Crankshaft (without timing ring) (2.2 Crankshaft) – P/N: 2237245765 – $1000.00
Eagle Forged Crankshaft (with timing ring) (2.2 Crankshaft) – P/N: 2237245765R – $1000.00
GM Performance Parts Ecotec Billet Crankshaft – P/N: 88958620 – $3850.00


Clutch: Upgrading your clutch is a critical part when it comes to adding more power to your vehicle. The better clutch you have, the better grab it will have also and the better it will hold power with less slippage. Long term, upgrading your clutch will save you money. Clutchmasters, Exedy, RSM Racing & SPEC make nice clutches for our 5-speed Getrag transmissions. Remember, the higher stage Clutch you get, the more difficult it is to drive with on a daily driven vehicle.

02-05 Jbodies (Cavaliers/Sunfires)

Gravana Tuning/Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit – P/N: EXD-04801 – Price $358.00
Car Customs/SPEC Stage 1 Clutch Kit – P/N: SPEC-SC891 – Price $319.00 Free Shipping
Car Customs/SPEC Stage 2 Clutch Kit – P/N: SPEC-SC892 – Price $419.00 Free Shipping
Car Customs/SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit – P/N: SPEC-SC893 – Price $419.00 Free Shipping
Car Customs/SPEC Stage 4 Clutch Kit – P/N: SPEC-SC894 – Price $419.00 Free Shipping
Car Customs/SPEC Stage 5 Clutch Kit – P/N: SPEC-SC895 – Price $529.00 Free Shipping
RSM Racing High Friction Clutch – Contact for a Part # & Price

Flywheels: A lighter flywheel will help your engine rev faster and in p

02-05 Jbodies:

Car Customs/SPEC Billet Alluminum Flywheel – P/N: SPEC-SC98A – $389 Free Shipping

Short Shifters: The most popular short shifter sold is by B & M…it’s even backed with a 1 million mile warranty.

02-05 Jbodies (Cavaliers/Sunfires):

Car Customs/B & M Short Shifter – P/N: BM-45156 – Price $140.00 Free Shipping
Modified Motorsports/B & M Short Shifter – P/N: 02099300 – Price $154
A Plus Performance/B & M Short Shifter – P/N: mu-bm-45156 – Price $139.99

03+ Deltas (Cobalt/Ion/HHR)

Fidanzo Alluminum Flywheel (2.0 ECOTEC) – JBP0919 – Price $424


Shift Kits: Increasing the line pressure will make your automatic shift with more efficiency…very helpful to have for your automatic. There are 2 kits available, Auto Trans Interceptor & a B & M Shift Plus. I personally had the Auto Trans and recommend it, very simple installation and a wide amount of adjustment to your line pressure. To install the Shift Plus, you have to splice wires and is a bit more involved and has pre-set line pressure settings for you to choose from.

On a side note, Auto Trans is no longer in business, so you’ll have to find it used elsewhere.

Car Customs/B & M Shift Plus – P/N: BM-70380 – Price $45.00 Free Shipping

This post will help you install your Interceptor: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…88&arch=1#6788
This post will help you install your B&M Shift Plus: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.ph…&i=4376&t=4376

Torque Converters: Torque Converters for our cars have to be custom made. Updgrading your torque converter will allow you to apply more power to the wheels and allow you to rev higher with the higher stall speed. This is an extremely good upgrade if you plan to go high power with your Automatic transmission.

You can contact the following companies to have them custom make you one:

Yank Converters – www.converter.cc
Pro Torque – www.protorque.com

Here is a post that will supply you with more information on this subject:



LSD: If you have worked your motor up to exceed a great amount of power, your drivetrain should also be able to handle that power. Having a LSD (Limited Slip Differential) can improve your traction tremendously. How it works is your car puts out power really through 1 drivewheel. The limited slip would give you the ability to distribute power through both drive wheels.
You can purchase an LSD from Engineered, Quafie & Phantom Grip.

Quaife LSD – $1,449.99 @ TurboTech Racing
2002-2005 Cavaliers/Sunfires and 2005-07 Cobalts with F23 Getrag transmission

SKU: QUF57.309.155

Phantom Grip – Call for Price

Axles: Where its weakest points are the spines. They can break apart under extreme load & cause much damage by havign the metal just lying around in the tranny &/or damaging the spins in the differential. That’s why upgrading them can be critical for high powered vehicles. The Driveshaft Shop & Jbody Performance makes them for our cars. Choose for which power amount you are making.

The Driveshaft Shop
The Race Shop
Jbody Performance


Greddy E-manage: This product allows you to alter fuel consumption, ignition timing. This is adjustable through using a laptop computer with their software or by purchasing their own monitor (PROFEC E-01) for tuning, whichever you decide. Installation is similar the the SAFC-2 but is a bit more involved since you are hooking up to the ignition controls in the computer.

Greddy Emanage Piggyback Unit – P/N: 15500500
Greddy PROFEC E-01 – P/N: 15500207

Megasquirt II: This product allows you to change the fuel consumption by controlling your fuel injectors independently. This is basically a standalone unit and wiring is much more involved than your basic piggyback unit. This also has to be controlled via laptop. If you want to learn more on this item, go to www.megasquirt.info

Megasquirt II – P/N: MC9S12C32

AEM EMS: This is a full standalone system. This will allow you to do anything you chose without throwing any codes and pretty much allows you to do as will with your computer with no problems. This is very involved and very expensive. This is highly suggested if you are not running high amounts of power. I believe this is not emissions legal also.

MSD Ignition system: You would need the MSD DIS-2 ignition system. This will allow you to change your ignition timing and will supply more spark.

MSD Ignition DIS-2 – P/N: 62112

Here are instructions to hook up the MSD Ignition system and also the PCM Diagram:



Turbo Kits: Purchasing a turbocharger kit to increase the power in your ECOTEC is a very good investment. If you are somewhat inexperienced with turbochargers or not a full hands on person and want to save time in finding parts, you can purchase a full turbocharger kit that comes with everything you need. Time and time again, they have shown that the ECOTEC motor can handle and produce lots of power if properly tuned. Horsepower gains have been shown to reach from 200 whp and up depending on PSI amount and tuning.

There is one main company that come to mind as far as having turbo kits for the ECOTEC motor, Hahn Racecraft. Hahn Racecraft offers 2 different turbo kits which have been proven to give wonderful gains.

Always remember, depending on what amount of power you are looking for, you might have to do some extensive motorwork to support the amount of PSI and size Turbocharger you’re planning on pushing.

The Hahn Kit is only sold to the 5-speed manual transmission vehicles.

Call Hahn Racecraft for prices & part #s on their Stage I & II Turbo Kits for all the ECOTEC vehicles.

Please, do not buy a kit from Maximum Boost

If you have any Turbo questions that are ECOTEC related, please read this: http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1024


http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/sh…OTEC Turbo Kit


GM sells a Supercharger kit for the 2.2 ECOTEC equipped Jbodies only. The reason it is only for the 2.2 Jbodies is not cause it won’t fit the 2.2 Deltas but because of the Reflash that it comes with, it won’t work with the 2.2 Deltas PCM. If you are interested in getting this kit for your jbody, contact your dealership or online GMPP seller.

This supercharger is a Eaton M62 Roots Type Supercharger and utilizes an 3.5″ pulley to produce 9-10 PSI max. This supercharger kit does NOT include an aftercooler setup but it is aftercooler ready.

Call GM Performance Parts for the GM ECOTEC 2.2 Supercharger Kit


Nitrous Kits: There are 3 basic companies that most people with our cars/motors go torwards: NX, Zex & NOS. Nitrous kits are basically universal. The ECOTEC motor has been shown to run upwards of a 75 Shot safely with proper pre-cautions. It is highly suggested that become very educated in how nitrous works and what pre-cautions are needed to run this safely and an extended period of time.

For instructions how to install a nitrous kit, you can follow these instructions: Nitrous Install

ECOTEC Upgrades

2002 ECOTEC Fuel System Upgrade: As some of you know, the 2002 ECOTECs use a different fuel system than the 2003-2005 ECOTECs. The 2002s have different Injectors, Fuel Rail and Fuel Pressure Regulator. The 2002 Injectors are also longer than the 2003-05 ECOTECs. On the newer ECOTECs, GM used a spacer between the head and the actual Injector to make up the size difference between the tw injectors. If you use those spacers on your 2002 ECOTEC by putting them in between your injector and the head, you will be able to use the fuel system from the 2003-2005 ECOTECs.

This modification would be extremely beneficial if you’re planning on boosting because you will be able to use almost any injector available.

Auto to Manual ECOTEC Tranny Swap: I had started a post a while back on what parts you would need to actually do a tranny swap, well I got the parts you need AND how to actually do the swap. This is quoted from the one and only John Lenko…


1. Camshafts: I have seen from person experience and from countless others that our computers are sensitive when it comes to our cams. If you plan on changing camshafts, be prepared to adjust your fuel consumption as well as it is needed, no matter what any manufacturer tells you. Anytime you’re changing the amount of air that is seen inside your motor, you need to adjust the amount of fuel as well so you can keep your air to fuel ratio balanced well. An off balanced a/f ratio can lead to motor problems and/or loss of power.

2. Gains/Times to expect from modifying your ECOTEC: This can pretty much go for any motor you have…every motor will react to a modification differentley, even if they are the same motor. The only way to fully tell is by going to the dyno shop or going to the track and doing it yourself. There are too many variables to give you a proper answer…if I could, I would make lots of money as a fortune teller

3. Nitrous Shots: If you are inexperienced and uneducated about Nitrous and you want to use it, get educated first! Nitrous may be “cheap boost” but it’s extremely dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing. First thing you should do, read all you can about nitrous, what nitrous is, what nitrous does to actually gain you power, what different nitrous shots there are etc etc.

It’s public knowledge that with proper preporations that the ECOTEC motor can handle upwards of a 75 shot, knowing this I suggest that you start small and work your way up. If you’re a track runner, you want to learn how to drive your car first, use small shots of nitrous…get used to it and gradually increase the shot more and more as you get used to it. This way you’ll learn when you want to spray, when to shift while spraying and what shot you’re really comfortable with. Also, the more accesories you get, the better.

4. Reasearch & Money: Reasearching will make or break your pockets as far as money goes. If you do everything right the first time, there is no going backwards in fixing modifications or replacing them and wasting money. If you don’t know if a part is good or if anyone has it, ask around. Ask people what they think of X part and if they had any problems with X product.

Now that you want X product but it’s too much money for you at this moment…SAVE! For example: I wanted a Patriot P & P Head, of course I didn’t have $1200 laying around. I worked extra hard for 2 months to save up $1200 and bought it as soon as I could. Patience is the key…

You can get all the parts listed and find out more information at the links below:

Jbody Performance
GM Parts DIrect
RK Sport
Defined Parts
A Plus Performance
Maximum Boost
RSM Racing
Patriot Performance
Zex Nitrous Kits
Car Customs
Nitrous Express
MSD Ignition
Hahn Racecraft
Eagle Rods
Venom Performance
Gravana Tuning
Howell Automotive
Crane Cams

I hope this helps you guys out who wanted more info. If you have any questions, just ask. I hope you enjoyed it


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