How hard is that? You just shove it down the hole… They should all be this easy. One small thing people over look… When installing Fiero or similar thermostats, coat the O-ring on it with a film of petroleum jelly or better yet, silicone oil/grease. Dielectric compound and brake grease are both good. . . . → Read More: Thermostats


Coolent Tube

EEK! They crushed my pipe…

Crushed coolant pipes on Fiero are extremely common and the amount of damage is not always obvious. These pipes must be checked for damage any time you are having overheat problems.

How bad can the damage be? Below is a photo of one of my . . . → Read More: Coolent Tube


Drip Drip Drip

Drip Drip Drip

I’ve given brake fluid it’s own page since the information applies to both stock and upgraded systems. This subject is just to complex to be buried in with other stuff.

Why Change Fluid? I thought it was permanent.

Actually, many people think brake fluid is a permanent part of the car. . . . → Read More: Drip Drip Drip


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Fiero brake system info

Warning! Be aware that Asbestos is still used in many brake products. Avoid buying products that contain asbestos. Products that are “asbestos free” may still contain hazardous materials. Avoid any cleaning method that puts brake (or clutch) dust into the air. Don’t vacuum clean it either. Most vacuum cleaners . . . → Read More: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Walt Zettner’s Brake Upgrade

I found this in a pdf file from I don’t know where. But seems to be a good write up on how to do a brake mod. It also clears up an issue I saw on another sire about what other master brake cylinders you can use. The best part about this there is . . . → Read More: Walt Zettner’s Brake Upgrade


Window Service


There are several adjustments that affect window position and function. When making adjustments go in small increments or you can damage the window machinery or the door seal. The adjustments are the same for both power and hand operated windows. Warning! If you move a door from one car to another then these . . . → Read More: Window Service


Fiero Sail Panel Replacement

Fiero Tips and Tricks

Sail Panels

Have you ever wondered how that sail panel is held  to the body? The picture here to the right show an  85 SE with the panel removed. I recommend you  remove it if you are going to paint your car or if you  need to repaint . . . → Read More: Fiero Sail Panel Replacement


Flexible Factory Nose Skirt

The 1987 Sport Coupe uses a polypropylene skirt under the front of the car.

(I’m guessing at the specific plastic from the way it feels, and it’s response to abrasion, and heat. At any rate it is a Thermo Forming plastic. I imagine it could be LDPE as well. [Low Density PolyEthylene.]) Two . . . → Read More: Flexible Factory Nose Skirt


Fiero Hood System

Fiero Hood System Few people realize that the hood of any car or light truck is actually a somewhat complicated system with several safety features most people don’t even notice. The only feature many people are aware of is the secondary latch on hoods that open from the front. (That second latch is actually . . . → Read More: Fiero Hood System


Dew Wiper Observations

As many people know, the exterior dew wiper has 2 fuzzy pads on it. These pads collect trash or wear out and damage the window. I’ve had the doors apart a bunch recently and I’ve noticed the pads are very tight to the glass. This adds to the problem. The pads are pressing so . . . → Read More: Dew Wiper Observations

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