Vacuum leak detection.

In this article I’ll cover the general things that apply to all Fiero versions, then later I’ll break out the version specific and detail items. Contrary to popular belief, vacuum plumbing problems are a major issue. Even small vacuum leaks can cause major headaches.

A major problem? Why?

The ECM will try to compensate . . . → Read More: Vacuum leak detection.


The Assembly Line Diagnostic Link

Warning! Don’t force anything into the ALDL connector! If you damage the connector then you can have problems when using ECM scanners and other tools that have the proper size terminals.

Note! It is possible that the ALDL may be installed with the Key up or down. The above picture is Key . . . → Read More: The Assembly Line Diagnostic Link


Making Sense

The table below list the sensors by name, the engine types it is found on, the class of sensor it is, mounting characteristics, and very briefly what it does. It is intended as a quick reference only. For more detailed information read the related article(s). WARNING! Over torque of NPT threaded sensors can cause . . . → Read More: Making Sense