Knock knock….

Who’s There?

Ping. Ping Who? Ping I just knocked a hole in your piston….

Engine Knock, Fuel Octane and other myths

Thing One: Never use higher Octane fuel than the engine needs to prevent knock.

I’m going to try to greatly simplify a very complex topic here. They write encyclopedias about this stuff. I’m . . . → Read More: Knock knock….


Iron Duke Performance FAQ:

Here are some interesting incites into the Iron Duke’s performance potential.

by: Gary Ohst

>> I was hoping anyone could tell me what the difference is between the SD valve cover and the stock 2.5. Specifically is the bolt pattern the same and is there room for needle bearing rockers?<<

The bolt . . . → Read More: Iron Duke Performance FAQ:


Fiero Emission Control

Notice! It is a violation of U.S. Federal law to remove, modify or disable emission control devices. Some states, like California, have laws above and beyond Federal regulations. Fiero has very little in the way of emission control hardware. There is only the catalytic converter, EGR valve and a fuel vapor recovery canister. None . . . → Read More: Fiero Emission Control


Engine & Tranny Mounts

4 cylinder motor mount

There are 2 kinds of motor mount available for Fiero 4 cylinder. (I think this applies to all of them…) You can get them solid or liquid filled. The solid is a little less expensive but the liquid filled is better at isolating vibration. Of the two, I prefer the . . . → Read More: Engine & Tranny Mounts


87-88 4 Cylinder with Serpent Belt

While this article was originally written for Fiero 1987-88 L4, it applies to all vehicles with self tensioning serpent belt systems. WARNING: Do not assume that the belt listed in the catalog fits your engine! If the belt forces the tension assembly out of range you can and likely will break things. WARNING: NEVER . . . → Read More: 87-88 4 Cylinder with Serpent Belt


700 Series TBI

The TBI used for 87-88 Fiero 4 cylinder motors is the 700 series unit presently manufactured by Delphi Automotive for GM. You can find Delphi’s public relations info for the 700 TBI here. The information includes images and general specification data. The articles that we’re interested in at the moment are “Throttle Bodies – . . . → Read More: 700 Series TBI


4 Cylinder Timing Gears

4 Cylinder Timing Gears

NOTICE! This is an unfinished document. It is a collection of all the stuff I’ve come up with tested or not… USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Cam jobs suck under the best of conditions. The majority of FWD and Fiero cams are never fun to work on. Here’s . . . → Read More: 4 Cylinder Timing Gears


1985-1988 Delay Wiper Board Rebuild Kit

Repairs many common Fiero wiper problems. Erratic or non existent delay action, phantom wipes, 3 wipes per wash cycle irregularities.

Phantom wipes are caused by wear in the switch assembly in the steering column. If the wear is too great this kit may not stop all the phantom wipes. The only cure will be . . . → Read More: 1985-1988 Delay Wiper Board Rebuild Kit


Chime Mod

You can remove the appropriate terminals from the warning chime connector to selectively eliminate whatever circuit you don’t want. looking at the flat side of the black connector

—— 8765 4321 ——

Pink with black stripe -ign. input Yellow-seat beltlight in dash Black-main ground Black-seat belt warning chime Tan with white stripe-park-brake chime . . . → Read More: Chime Mod


Does Your Gas Gauge Lie To You?

by Ray PaulkThe gas gauge on a Fiero seems to be a PITA (Pain in the Butt) for all of us. I ran out of gas 5 times before I broke down and decided to fix it. It didn’t take too much investigation to figure out that the problem is with the sending unit . . . → Read More: Does Your Gas Gauge Lie To You?

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